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ABOUT Crystal

Crystal is an award-winning food photographer with a decade of experience in the industry. 


Crystal has had a passion for food and photography since she was young. She loved to create and bake in the kitchen and always carried her film camera everywhere.


Crystal decided to fuse her two passions of photography and healthy food to create her perfect career. 

Her holistic nutrition and psychology background really helps her understand the health and wellness industry and consumer wants and needs.

Crystal lives in Kamloops, British Columbia, on a farm in the country with her husband, Jason, and two daughters, Serena and Blaire. And, of course, some furry friends.

Some of the companies I have worked with:

American Dream Nut Butter, Blender Bites, Botanica Health, Better Homes & Gardens, Canino Dog Food, Cambell's Soup, DotDash, Eating Well, Exceed Nutrition, Hallmark Films, Healthy Hippo, It's Blume, Mantra Magazine, Mega Food,, Momma Natural, One Degree Organics, Phoeapolis Organics, Real Simple, Stash Tea, Silver Hills Bakery, Santevia, Sweet Leaf, Sipp, The Spruce Eats, Thrive Magazine, Vista Magazine, Zengarry Fauxmagerie

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