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What clients are saying

I have had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful clients in the health food industry. From nutrition companies, bloggers, and supplement lines. 

KinDred CuLtures

Crystal is a true professional and was an absolute joy to work with for our company's product photography! Her ability to transform ideas into stunning images is impeccable - she captured our brand's vision perfectly, and brought so much life into the shots. When navigating product photography, especially as a small business, it can be intimidating and pricey at times. We're truly appreciative of how Crystal provides such high quality work at an affordable price point, allowing it to be within reach for businesses like ours. Her communication is always timely, and her systems for online collaboration are seamless. We're looking forward to our next shoot together!

Kindred Finals-07.jpg

Yes! I would recommend Crystal. Yes, I recommend Crystal. She is very creative and captured our brand's essence in the shoot.  Her health and wellness expertise really shines through in her photography. And the process was seemless. Thank you!



Sun PEaks Grand 

"Crystal's professionalism and photographic knowledge exceeded all our expectations. Her expertise in food styling, lighting and composition is unparalleled, capturing stunning lifestyle and food images for us. Going above and beyond to ensure she captured exactly what we were imagining. We highly recommend Crystal and look forward to working with her again."

Wind Sips

"I highly recommend Crystal for her outstanding photography services. Her skills and professionalism have made a significant impact on Wind Sips, our tea company. Crystal's ability to capture the essence of our tea flights and the experiences they offer is truly remarkable. She has a keen eye for detail and a talent for food styling that brings our products to life in a way that resonates with our customers. Working with Crystal has been a pleasure. She is organized, responsive, and flexible, making the collaboration effortless and enjoyable. Her dedication to understanding our brand and message is evident in the consistently outstanding results she delivers. In the world of tea, where the experience is paramount, Crystal's photography skills have allowed us to showcase not just our teas but also the moments of connection, conversation, and celebration they inspire. Her work has helped us create a compelling visual narrative that captivates our audience. Overall, Crystal's contribution to Wind Sips has been invaluable. I wholeheartedly recommend her to others seeking a photographer who can elevate their brand through visual storytelling. Her professionalism, creativity, and passion for her craft shine through in every photograph, making her an indispensable asset to any project."


Exceed nutrition

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"Crystal produces high-quality work every time, and this reduces our post-processing requirements and time frames. Every release is effortless. Crystal is the ideal balance of freelancer and creator. Meaning she is very independent and consistently delivers high-quality work. This makes working with her so easy.
I would highly recommend Crystal for any recipe development, photography or related creative input. You will not be disappointed."

Mocktail Net

"Crystal is super talented and has an extremely beautiful photographic style for food photography. She is extremely organized and super professional, including handling feedback and special requests.

 Crystal not only has excellent photographic knowledge of lighting and composition, but she is also an excellent food stylist. With this expertise, she creates images that look absolutely fantastic and that people just love.

We will definitely continue to work with Crystal and of course, recommend her to anyone who appreciates super beautiful food photography."

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MegaFoods Final High Res-4.jpg

Mega FOOD 

"Through her careful styling, and use of light and natural elements, Crystal’s photography evokes authenticity and humanness - an integral part of creating content that is so often missed. Crystal’s photography is complemented by her vast knowledge of all things health-related. When working with Crystal, she communicated the health benefits of our products beyond our expectations, resulting in highly engaging content for both her and our audiences."


"Crystal absolutely brought our brand's vision to life. She ran with the instructions of our photography brief thoroughly, while also implementing her own creativity and personal touch to the photography. I particularly loved how she added so much creativity to the shots – even using our protein powder to recreate our logo! I enjoyed how friendly, prompt and professional all of her communication was throughout the project."


Oat Of The Ordinary

Would you recommend Crystal? Absolutely YES. As a brand owner, it can be so scary and intimidating trying to vocalize your vision to someone in hopes that they understand it. Crystal completely saw and understood my vision and made it come to life. I'm absolutely thrilled at the results.

Crystal was such a pleasure to work with. She really took time to understand my visions and was able to support me with creative ideas when I felt stuck. This was a beautiful synergistic partnership and the results are incredible. I'm in love with the shots Crystal took and am already looking forward to our next shoot together.

-Chara Krangle

Momma Naturals03.jpg

Momma Natural

I'm so happy with our choice to work with Crystal. She was very proactive and responsive in her communication. She was extremely well organized and easy to work with. She prepped everything in advance, and we made adjustments together before the shoot and during the shoot so there were no surprises at the end. She went above and beyond to capture the look we wanted. Her photos turned out beautiful with a natural, organic and fresh look that we were going for. I'll definitely be hiring her again for our next product photoshoot!


Crystal was a pleasure to work with. Her photography was beautiful, communication was timely, and she was able to give us a quick turnaround on the deliverables. Highly recommend!

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